Roller blades

For the love of games

I’ve always dreamed of making a game that I can be proud of. Creating this blog seemed like a good start, but focus is the one thing that I didn’t have these past months. I was occupied with work and other things like web development tutorials, entrepreneurship classes, user experience materials, stocks and many other unrelated things.

Game development has taken a step back, but it won’t be left untouched along with the pair of imaginary roller blades back in third grade. I am taking on the challenge now equipped with unrelated but possibly helpful things that I picked up from wandering around.

I’ve recently enrolled in a Unity3D game development class for beginners by O’Reilly Media on Udemy, my first ever paid online class, which I bought on a 65% discount and haven’t started yet. I will post updates about my progress on this blog, and I’m hoping this class will be worth my time and bucks.

unity3dclassIf you also wish to learn Unity3D, you may want to consider taking this class as well. Udemy often offers promos with their classes, so you may want to subscribe first and wait for announcements to get a discount. Or you can also subscribe here and get some personal feedback about it before you plunge in.

Now let’s get back to business of taking over the world with games.

Roller blades featured image from Gratisography
They make the web a better place with free, use as you please, high-resolution images.

7 thoughts on “For the love of games”

  1. Unity is exciting to play with, and I personally find that shelling out some money for an online course really helps make it a priority. Good luck, I look forward to seeing what you do with it!


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